What the hell is Pigtaktix?

Pigtaktix developed over a period of years during which a number of so-called dirty deeds occurred. 'Pigpen' as a child became the pig of another sort with a gift of gab and character that turned out to be a form of tactics, if you will. "Pig got those tactics" all the time hence the name Pigtaktix. I've been witness to quite a bit of change in the Rap music scene not only in the Bay Area, but nationwide as well. I haven't allowed myself to fall completely into a certain category, and haven't made the mistake of jumping on any bandwagon. To put the music of Pigtaktix into words I would say it is like a Quentin Tarantino film with the cast of In Living Colour playing individual roles with many moods, voices and styles. Resulting from a variety of influences from entertainment and music from nearly every genre. As far as recording, Pig has been from '4' tracks to A-dats to Pro Tools HD. Featured on numerous Bay Area projects from the mid 1990's, changing between producers and camps caused a lack of communication and disagreement (hate). Therefore three plus finished albums ended up being sat on and eventually trashed. Nonetheless "Wreckin' Rosa Homes" and "Malt Liquor Dreams" were released followed by "Malt Liquor Dreams 1 & 1/2" that was distributed Nationwide by City Hall Records. The latest album "Earthquake Weather" will provide a wide range of different production styles as well as topics and delivery. The end result is story of ups and downs, both funny and serious from the mind of someone any person in the world can relate to. That's Pigtaktix!